Sunday, September 24, 2023

Someone Dumped A Cat On The Street With His Litter Box

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A 1-year old cat was seen this Wednesday in the streets of Brooklyn, NY with his belongings beside him. The cat seemed confused and lonely, and only a few belongings were present beside him including a cushion, litter box and a few other cat supplies. The cat was later named Nostrand based on the street where he was left. He ran away soon after he was seen, after getting scared by a street sweeper. So the local community decided to start searching for him together.

After searching for a few days, they found Nostrand hiding in the backyard. Flatbush Area Team for Cats (FAT Cats) posted on Facebook that they took him to a vet immediately, and screen for a microchip. Elizabeth Champ, one of the founders of FAT Cats, said that although there was no microchip on Nostrand, he was completely healthy, and was also very obedient during the examination. He didn’t create any chaos, even when his blood was drawn.

FAT Cats is taking good care of Nostrand. He will be neutered next, after which they will try to offer him to someone interested in adopting him, and that should be a problem at all since there have been several requests already.


1. The cat was seen in the streets of Brooklyn, “crying” next to his belongings.

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2. The cat ran off after getting scared by a street sweeper and he was found once again after a few days of searching.

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3. The cat was taken to a vet, and it seemed that he was completely healthy. Moreover, the cat was quite obedient and disciplined too.

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4. There have been several requests already to adopt him, so hopefully, the kitty will get a new loving owner soon.

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