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A Woman Was Fired After She Had a Violent Allergic Reaction at Work

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Can you imagine a situation where you are working when suddenly you have an intense allergic reaction, and while you are coping with it, you get fired from your work?

1. Danielle Duperreault

Danielle Duperreault, who used to work at Urban Planet in Saskatoon, faced a similar situation recently.
Normally, people will think that she was being lazy or inefficient at her work which led to her getting fired. However, in that case, they are wrong, cause she was fired due to her allergic reaction to bell peppers.
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2. One day

She came in contact with bell peppers at her work, and began experiencing severe anaphylaxis. She was unable to breath and asked for help, but her manager didn’t care.
Fortunately, her co-worker noticed that she was sick and took her to a clinic where she was given a shot of epinephrine.
Later, she was admitted in a hospital. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. This Happened

Duperreault stated that she usually keeps an EpiPen with her since she has violent allergic reactions, but unfortunately, she didn’t have one that day.
She posted on Facebook that if she was taken to the hospital after 10 minutes, she probably wouldn’t have survived. Her post has gone viral, and has been shared over 17,000 times.
However, her ill fortune didn’t end here.
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4. No mercy

Her manager showed no mercy at all, and immediately texted her that she has been fired. Not only that, her co-worker who took her to the hospital was also fired, since helping people save 10% on jeans is much more important that saving a person’s life. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. Apologised

At the end of her Facebook post, Deperreault tried to increase awareness about various allergic reactions which can make others at your workplace sick too.

The CEO of the parent company, Y.M., Inc., has personally apologised and informed her that they will be investigating the matter, since such actions should never be tolerated. They will also pay her till she gets another job, which definitely is great but isn’t surprising considering the situation in which she was fired.
She said, “I couldn’t have asked for more.”
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