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7 Activities Done At 1st Time And 101st Time. #5 Is About That First Night!

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Life can be an adventure at times, and boring as well. As life goes on, we try to incorporate new ideas into out life to make a change. After all, it has been said that “change is the only thing that is certain”. This world is dynamic, and change is inevitable.

However, when you keep on doing a particular work almost daily, it no longer remains new, that enthusiasm fades away and it becomes one more regular every day’s chore. There is a big difference in how you feel about doing certain things for the 1st time and 101st time. Take a look at these 7 activities which portray the same concept.

1. Fun experienced while m a s t u r bating for the 1st time and then the 101st time.

2. Excitement from flying for the 1st time in the left compared to the ‘Used-To’ feeling during the 101st time.

3. Getting high on weed for the first time and then experiencing it on a daily basis for the 101st time.

4. Having alcohol with your friends can quickly get boring.

5. While having intercourse and enjoying

6. Love for alcohol during the 101st time.

7. Addicted to coffee! He definitely knows what he needs.

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