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We all want these luxury ‘aeropods’ made from recycled planes

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Have you ever thought what is done to the old passenger planes when they are no longer used?

Their parts are recycled mostly to form parts of new planes, but one company is using them for something really exciting –making luxury garden pods from them.

1. These pods can be used as luxury sheds, garden rooms or even relaxation areas by the pool.

Obviously, these aren’t cheap at all, their average price is around £22,000 to £25,000.

2. David Palmer, 52 years old and Emily, his 23 year old daughtercame with this brilliant idea and created the company, DappR Aviation, when they were thinking what could be done with planes which are no longer in use.

Old Airbus 320 airliners are used to construct these aeropods.

3. David said, “Buying a plane was a risky decision initially, but what we achieved at the end really made it worthwhile.”

“The original aircraft windows, aluminium fuselage and insulation are kept, and a bespoke full aspect double glazed frontage is constructed.”

4. One pod is constructed in approximately eight weeks.


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