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24 Pleasuring Hacks You Should Absolutely Know About

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Pleasure is an important aspect of life – it can come in many forms, even in moments of privacy! This article has a list of top 10 techniques of gaining pleasure which can prove to be of great help in deriving satisfaction using the same amount of effort. If you are not interested, I should tell you that you are really missing out on a lot of important stuff!

So if you are ready, let’s continue.

1. Using two víbrâtór make a lot of difference. Try using two instead of one and feel the difference

2. Grab a towel and Roll it, now sit on a chair and then grind on the roll!

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3. Or try same thing with a víbrât0r instead of towel roll.

4. Watch yourself on the mirror when you do it to add more pIeasure.

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5. Make use of lube to get maximum outcome.

6. Tense and relax your thighs and butt cheeks while you’re at it to help the sensation build up.

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7. Try different p0sitions. On your back, on your side, on your stomach, knees or whatever. Experiment with different alignments.

8. If cIit0rial stimulation is usually too intense for you, circle around it instead.

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9. Learn some new techniques with the pillow.

10. Use your víbrâtór everywhere but your cIítóris or vâgína first.

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11. Cross your legs for added pressure on your cIítóris.

12. Replicate what’s happening in whatever p ó rn you’re watching with your hands or t ó ys.

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13. Try crossing your legs for increased pleasure.

14. Lay on your stomach and rock down on your bed.

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15. Go without toys for some time.

16. Slowly drag a string of (clean new) beads between your legs.

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17. Treat your cIítóris like a little penis.

18. Bring your (waterproof) toys into the bath for more room to move around and ~get messy~.

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19. Or go straight for the shower head instead.

20. Splurge on the Magic Wand. Just do it.

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21. Add some clamps to your toys, or use bobby pins as an alternative. A small pain will give a better pleasure.

22. Rub yourself down with massage oil.

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23. Try a ~diamond formation~.

24. Take your time with turning up the víbrâtór.

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