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Take A Look At Your Navel! If You Have One Of These Shapes You Might Want To Read THIS!

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Your body provides you with several warnings beforehand to let you know that you are suffering from a particular disease. You need to consider these carefully or else it might be too late. Your navel shape can also determine a lot about your body’s condition. Take a look below to know more.

1. Protruded

If you find that your navel is protruded, then you need to check from time to time that it is getting any bigger. In case it is, and if you have lifted a heavy object recently, you should consult a doctor, since that is the first symptom on hernia.
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2. Small

Having a small navel with a bumpy shape makes you more vulnerable to viruses and flu.
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3. Tucked

Usually, people with tucked navel experience digestive problems or some problems with their weight. Constipation is quite common in these cases.
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4. Almond

Having an almond shapen navel means that you are prone to migrane issues. Your bones and muscles might also be weak, and brittle bones are usually common in such people.
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5. Letter U

You can suffer from kidney and skin related issues if your navel is shaped like U. Deformities in newborns are also seen in such cases.
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