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Woman Hospitalized After Boyfriend Puts A Funnel Full Of Pop Rocks In Her Vag!na

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A horrible incident happened in California this weekend, when a 28-year-old woman named Kassie Milton was hospitalised, after her boyfriend tried to fulfil one of her sexual desires. She was feeling a itching sensation in her genitals, but the reason behind that turned out to be quite surprising.


Kassie informed the emergency room doctor that she thought those pop rocks would make their love life more interesting, and that is why she insisted her boyfriend to insert those with a funnel. She thought that those pop rocks would explode which would provide a tingling sensation during their intercourse. Then, she claimed the store from where she bought them were liars.[adinserter block=”16″]


The nurses reported that water and peroxide were used to flush those out of her system and this process will be continuing for 10 days. A foamy discharge is also expected during the first five days. Dr. William Harvey that the body’s pH level can be disrupted when any food item containing sugar such as syrups or candy comes in contact with the vag!na. In case the vag!na already had yeast infections, it could increase the damage.


That was the case with Kassie, she was already suffering from an infection. The doctor has warned others not to indulge in such practices even if your partner is constantly asking you to do so. It could be extremely dangerous, so always be safe and don’t insert something in your vag!na which you are not supposed to.
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