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If Disney Princesses Aged With Their Movies, This Is What They’d Look Like

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We all age some more than others, this artist has captured how Disney Princesses would have fared if they aged naturally like the rest of us, some of these princesses are from the 50’s which would make them fairly old now. Now let’s take a look!

1. This is Ariel, young, beautiful and at the prime of her singing career…….

This is Ariel now, middle aged still beautiful and teaching her children never to change themselves to make a man happy.

2. Snow white when she lived in a little cottage with her group of tiny men…….

and here she is a happy Grandma to her lots of little grandchildren with Prince Charming!

3. Mulan when she was a young cross-dressing Hun-killer……..

And now middle aged and teaching children to succeed in everything they do!

4. Princess Bella back when she was young and falling in love with the beast……..

And now she teaches her kids to never judge someone by their looks!

5. Jasmine when her only worry was wanting a new world……..

Jasmine now where he biggest worry is the USA invading her country for oil!

6. Finally Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, where it never seemed she would wake up……

and now old age makes her sleep much the same way!

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