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This Man’s Girlfriend Suffers From MS. He Went To Check On Her When Suddenly He Found Something Shocking In The Toilet.

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This article is regarding the incredible story of Claire, Paul and their family who stay in England. This story might seem to be unbelievable to some people but it is completely true. They were recently interviewed by a news channel so that the audience can get to know about them more.


When Claire Evans was just 19 in 2000, she felt dizzy one day. She was normally a healthy person and was fit as well. But that day it seemed as if her muscles were becoming weak and she was unable to control her body. However, it soon passed away and she didn’t think about it for a long time after that.


Finally, when she went to the doctor, she received a shocking news – she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. This is an extremely rare and dangerous disease. It damages the central nervous system and there is a chance that if she again feels dizzy again, her muscles might no longer and she will be paralysed forever. What’s even worse is that till now there is no proper cure for this disease. Naturally, Claire had a hard time believing this – she started thinking that she will never be normal again. She was sure that she could never get married and start her own family.


Fortunately, she hasn’t had any relapses after that and all her muscles are working properly. She also became acquainted with one of her work colleagues, Paul.


They instantly realised that they were made for each other. Claire literally forgot about her disease and started a family with her. They had a son, Harry, after being together for 4 years. Claire was completely fit, and even the pregnancies didn’t create any complications.


But nothing remains perfect forever. Claire had another relapse, which left the right part of her body completely numb. She can neither feel anything, nor hold anything.


As a result, she was bedridden for months. Since she hardly moved, she gained additional 33 pounds. The cortisol in her medicine also added to the cause.


Then suddenly one night, Claire feels extreme pain. She has cramps in her gut and was confident that she is suffering from another relapse.


She somehow entered the toilet, still the pain just kept getting worse. She shouted Paul’s name in desperation, since she had this feeling that she might die soon.


Finally Paul came to the bathroom to help Claire. She kept on telling him that she was in so much pain that it seemed as if she was in labour.


And what happened next is unbelievable. Claire actually gave birth to a girl. Both the parents were surprised since Claire didn’t know that she was pregnant. In fact, her periods were also fine every month, and there was no indication of pregnancy at all.


But it doesn’t end here. Moments, after giving birth to the girl, Claire once again felt extreme pain. And Paul was delighted to find that there was another baby!


They first checked that both the babies were alive. It was simply unimaginable that a woman, who had no idea that she was pregnant, gave birth to twins.


The ambulance arrive after a few moments, and both the mother and the twins were treated. And now the most shocking part – after an hour, Claire finds that her numbness is gone, she can walk again properly, in fact all of her muscles have returned to their initial state. Claire can do all the activities that she used to do earlier. The twin girls are now 10 years old. We hope that their entire family doesn’t have to face any trouble in the future as well.


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