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17 Things You Only Know If You Have A Sibling

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Wanting to murder someone and yet loving them with a protective fierceness, which probably means that this person is your sibling! Siblings, youngest or in between siblings have a unique relationship which these 17 images will show! Chances are if you are an oldest child you may not have a clue what is going on here.

1. The daily race to be the one that gets all the hot water! Literally though in a house full of kids that fastest wins the hot shower, the rest suffer with luke warm baths.

2. Your parents tell you they have no favorite, but actions speak more than words!

3. When your daily routine entails fighting to watch your favorite tv show!

4. Outsmarting your sibling, it is always better to be the smart one!

5. Siblings have a way of making “I can’t breath” part of a regular vocabulary!

6. Being the younger one often means that you are the first to try new methods of torture!

7. The need to just kick someone when no one is looking!

8. But smiling like an angel when they are looking!

9. Sibling rivalry often begins before the sibling even appears!

10. And the rivalry will continue well into adult hood

11. You put great thought into hiding the good snacks!

12. Only to find out after that those snacks were found!

13. The lies you are told which scar you for life

14. Posing ridiculously for family photos

15. Those ridiculous poses end up with a photo like this hanging on the wall

16. The life long battle of riding shotgun!

17. The lifelong copycat syndrome that siblings seem to suffer!


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