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This Athlete’s Post Pregnancy Photos Are Going Viral On Instagram

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We often see pictures of celebrities after their pregnancies and find that their body shape haven’t really changed a lot. This leads to a false hope in our minds that the body shape is retained after pregnancy, especially if one does a lot of physical activities such as yoga, running etc. However, that really isn’t true.

Stephanie Rothstein, a 32 year old athlete, is a mother of two and also trains others for the Olympics. However, after giving birth to her second child, her stomach got stretched, and the abdominal muscles lost their shape and strength. She still hasn’t given up her hopes and hopes to take part in the next Olympics.

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How world sees the truth.

Stephanie posted these pictures to show how the body’s shape can change after giving birth to a baby.

Change in body shape

Although she is still fit, you will notice that her stomach has got stretched out a lot due to pregnancy.

Side effects of pregnancy

Stephanie’s abdominal muscles lost their strength and were separated when she got pregnant.

The true picture of an athlete

Her main goal, at the moment, is to qualify in the 10,000 run and play for USA.

Career as an athlete

Stephanie Rothstien Bruce has two children, and also is an athlete. On top of that, she also trains others for the Olympics.

She also has a family.

You will find several photos of her on Instagram with the hashtag – #journeywithsteph.

According to Stephanie, she can run 5:20 for a half marathon, but still peesher pants.

Her main aim behind sharing these pictures is to show the world that with enough training she can regain her athletic body.

She is currently 32 years old. She has currently put a pause on her training regime to spend some time with her family.

She is determined to qualify for the next Olympics.

Stephanie perfectly balances both her work and family lives.

She is a living proof that one can reach her dreams even after getting pregnant.

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