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These Saddest Truths About Married Life Will Make You Think Twice

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Almost every person on this planet wants to fall in love and get married at some point of time. However, they haven’t heard about the negative side effects that marriage can produce. Most of the times, love that was present before marriage simply vanished afterwards. It hardly takes a year or two. Trust and compatibility slowly wane away from the relationship and people start regretting their decisions.

Check out the following facts which should make you think twice before you plan on getting married to someone.

Don’t ever commit the mistake of not logging out of Facebook.

Women can be confusing at times.

Meaning of love is quite different for the two genders.

What happened to all the talk about equality?

Think twice before committing to something.

After marriage, you can increase your weight as much as you want.

Everything you own belongs to me too.

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