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What Girls’ Hairstyle Says About Their Personality

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There are many articles out there about figuring out girls, it can range from their makeup or clothes or to their profession. But here we have a simple and easy way to knowing the first steps of knowing a girl, just by the kind of hair style she has. Everyone has a specific hairstyle they have as a default that they feel most comfortable in. So read on and learn and be amazed!

1. Pixie Style

what hairstyle says about you

This style is meant to be an easy to manage style. It may be called a pixie style, but these girls don’t want to waste time on their hair so they keep it short and slap on some gel and move it around a little to make it look presentable and possibly cute and wallah! Because of the way they keep their hair, these girls come off as confident and people type of people, so they like to party. So they are tough and don’t generally worry what people think about them.

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2. Long Hair

what hairstyle suits my personality what hairstyle fits my personality

Having long hair is actually very high maintenance. It may look super beautiful, but most people don’t have the time or patience. So the girls that do have extremely long hair, love their hair so much because let’s face it; it’s pretty! And they don’t want to be ugly, but at the end of the day they are fun loving and a little emotional so they tend to not be very straight forward.

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3. Widow’s Peak

what girls' hairstyle says about their personality what you say about me

These girls are actually very pretty. And because they are so pretty they never seem to complain about their relationships or relationship status. The truth of the matter is that they are literally born with an arrow pointing at their faces.

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4. Colorful, Rainbow Tresses

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There are more and more girls like this these days. Their hair is creative and different and they stand out like sore thumbs. But this is only a reflection of their crazy personality of unpredictability and their energy for partying and booze cruising all night long.

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5. Pigtails

what does your hair say about you what your hair color says about you

Pigtails always make a girl look extremely cute and attractive to guys. And girls know that. So obviously a girl needs a little bit of confidence to be comfortable in this doo since they are actually big flirts.

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6. Intricate updos

what long hair says about a woman

Another hair style with high maintenance and a lot of effort even to just set it up into position. This does promote the image of classiness and living the lavish type of life. These girls are actually quite down to earth, but remember to not mess with the hair!

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7. Side-shave

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This is one unconventional type of hair style. These girls are free spirited and prefer to express themselves over keeping their mouths shut and following the rules of society; they are free spirited. This means they also like to party and generally have fun.

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