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21 Historical Images That Will Leave You Speechless

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The day and age that we live in is actually quite remarkable when it comes to technology. You just pop open your internet browser and you can see photos everywhere taken off of your cell phone, and there are so many people that have cell phones that there will never be a shortage of pictures. But now if we look back into the past where people didn’t have cell phones, you should realise how precious photos really were. They were rare and captured a completely different world to what we have now, so they end up being quiet mesmerising. So here are 21 historical photos that represent the world it was back then in a fascinating way.

1. Balancing practice on wooden horses, 1935

2. In Romania, back problem was healed with a bear, 1946

3. Picture of Salvador Dali while kissing Raquel Welch’s hand, 1965

4. Picture of the opening ceremony of the XXII summer olympics, Moscow, 1980

5. Peter Freuchen, the Polar explorer with his partner, 1947

6. Group of artists performing acrobats on the Empire State Building, 1934

7. An epic group photo of military electricians, 1918

8. A perfume spraying machine, 1952

9. Real Alice of the famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

10. Robin Williams(right) in Central Park, 1974

11. Ducklings used for curing kids, 1956

12. Test pilot George Aird was captured while ejecting from his plane

13. Miss New Zealand faints during Miss Universe competition, 1954

14. The world’s largest horse, 1928

15. A young woman of Iran, 1960

16. Sound proof booths for music lovers in a shop, 1955

17. Picture of the head of the Statue of Liberty

18. Two Lumberjacks found a haunting tree at Portland in U.S.A, 1915

19. Moment was captured while testing a Rugby helmet, 1912

20. A young girl from Inuit with her dog, 1949

21. Queen of Egypt and Princess of Iran, Fawzia Fuad, 1939


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