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CDC: McDonald’s Parasitic Worm Outbreak Linked Back To Ground ‘Worm Filler’ In Patties

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported recently that investigations are being carried out regarding the additional 183 cases of parasitic roundworm diseases which are rumored to have originated from McDonald’s. Similar cases also occurred in Chicago in December, although the DNA of these roundworms seems to be different than those in Chicago.


Initial investigations indicate that the growth of the worms can be linked to a filler known as “all beef patties” used in McDonald’s foods, which consists of 23% ground worm filler. In fact, these fillers were purchased by the company several years ago, in 2008.


The FDA has banned the use of ground worm in the popular McDonald’s “all beef patties”. Moreover, they also have to submit these patties thrice every week to labs to ensure that they are complying by the terms.


Regular customers at McDonald’s should consult a doctor if they experience the following symptoms –

  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding from nose
  • Anal bleeding
  • Tingling sensation in fingers or toes, or crawling sensation under skin.



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