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Scientist Warns Of A Mega Earthquake That Will Split Two Continents And Kill Over 40 Million People

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Global warming will definitely bring mass destruction to this planet in the near future. That is not new to us. However, have you ever thought that earthquakes will be formed due to global warming which might separate two large continents and take the lives of millions of people in the process? Yes, that is exactly what Dr. Mehran Keshe, a nuclear scientist predicts.


Dr. Keshe, who runs a NGO called Keshe foundation, uploaded a video in September last year, showing how a massive earthquake will completely destroy the planet. Several countries will be affected.

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If his predictions are correct, then North and South America will separate. America and Asia will be hit by huge tsunamis which will kill millions of people. Approximately 20 million people staying near the west coast in North and South America will die due to the earthquake.

North China will probably face a series of consecutive earthquakes in the recent future. If these predictions do happen, economy will fail and the world as we know it might come to an end.

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