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Female Weight Chart: This Is How Much You Should Weigh According To Your Age, Body Shape And Height

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Do you know what your ideal weight should be? In case you don’t, you have come to the perfect place to know that answer. Knowing this answer is crucial if you are planning on dieting anytime soon.

We often find women who are either slim to the bone, or too heavy. The funny thing is that since none of them knows what should be their ideal weight according to their age and body height, both of them think they are on the right track. Both are wrong, and achieving that ideal weight should be everyone’s target.

There are various charts regarding ideal female weight – some are accurate, while others not so much. Some charts don’t even consider one of the most important factors for weight – body shape which affects their accuracy a lot.


Chart 1

Let us get to know the way to interpret this particular weight chart. For the underweight part, it is your GP that can help to find out why you are so. If you are in the healthy weight range that means you are almost perfect and follow a balanced diet and workout at least once a week. If you are in the overweight range, then you really need to think twice before having fat rich foods. Finally, it needs to be said that this chart is for everyone above 18 years.


Chart 2

BMI Formula
W[lb] = ( BMI * H[in]^2 ) / 703

Devine Formula
Men: W[lb] = 110 + 5.06 * ( H[in]-60 )
Women: W[lb] = 100.1 + 5.06 * ( H[in]-60 )

Robinson Formula
Men: W[lb] = 114.4 + 4.18*(H[in]-60)
Women: W[lb] = 107.8 + 3.74*(H[in]-60)

Miller Formula
Men: W[lb] = 123.64 + 3.10*(H[in]-60)
Women: W[lb] = 116.82 + 2.99*(H[in]-60)

The BMI indicates that BMI above 25.8 is considered as overweight. Below it is always safe. The normal weight limit and BMI is from 18.5 to 25.
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chart 3

Below 18.5 it is underweight, and from 18.5 to 25 is said to be healthy. Above BMI 25, it is obese. And if your BMI is above 28.9 you are extremely obsess and you really need medical attention.

chart 4

Here in this chart, the red lines depict percentiles. Since this thick red line is almost in the middle of the chart it actually depicts that 50% of women are overweight while rest 50% are underweight.
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chart 5

You should always aim for the weight that is healthy for you. If your weight happens to be over the perfect and healthy range for your particular height then it is better that you shed some weight.

chart 6

Just have a look at this chart so as to perfectly understand what your actual weight for your respective height ought to be. Always keep in mind, extreme dieting is not at all healthy. It only makes you look lanky and skin. On the other hand, the excess of the fat layer on your body is again harmful to you. Both of these extremes are not at all good.
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chart 7

The BMI indicates what should be your actual weight at your age and height. The chart depicts that BMI above 25.8 is considered as overweight. Below it is always safe. The normal weight limit and BMI is from 18.5 to 25. Above 28, you seem to be extremely obese and overweight and need to visit a doctor. It becomes a serious concern.

chart 8

This chart here above can help you a lot to understand and gauge the exact and perfect weights that you really need to possess being a female at different ages.
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chart 9

Your actual weight actually depends on a variety of factors of your body, such as body composition, and fat percentage, height, metabolic rates of your body etc. A BMI less than 18.4 is basically said to be of underweight people. This is a serious concern due to the fact that underweight people often suffer from malnutrition. When your BMI is between 18.4 and 24.9, you possess the perfect weight. Above 25 it is called overweight and above 28 you seem to be extremely obese and is again a serious concern.
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