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This Guy Creates Chaos By Putting All His Ex Girlfriends In A Group Chat To Wish Them ‘Merry Ex-Mas’

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Christmas is supposed to be a happy and cheerful event where you meet with your friends and family members. Well, my Christmas hasn’t exactly been cheerful for the past few years. After my breakup, I just get drunk on Christmas and then get into a heated argument with my mother where the topic is when she will get a grandchild.
Finally, I give up, and since I can’t control myself when I am drunk, I end up messaging my ex. I ask her how she is doing, she answers fine, and then I suggest we should start dating again. At this point, she starts calling me a loser and stuff like that. This ends with me sleeping and waking up the next day, completely regretting this decision. I know all of this sounds pretty pathetic.
However, this story isn’t about me, it’s about Tom. Tom is a great guy and really courageous. Why courageous? Well, for starters, I will never ever have the guts to create a group on WhatsApp to message my ex-girlfriends.

Yup, this guy got drunk and then created a group on WhatsApp. He included all of her exes there to wish all of them “Merry Ex-mas”. The beginning was exactly how one would expect – arguments and stuff, but things took a strange turn afterwards.

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He decided it’d be a good idea to wish all his previous girlfriends a very drunk merry EX-mas (get it?), in the same group chat.

As you can imagine, it didn’t start off too well. But like any event in this dark world we live in, things took a surprising turn.

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Anyway at the end, everyone except his first ex left the convo and I guess they are going out again. Lucky guy.

This guy must be really attractive, or else how is he convincing her exes to go on dates with him? I couldn’t even do this with my single ex. Hats off to this guy for pulling this off. Well played Tom, now I will not only be lonely but also jealous this New Year.

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