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This 24-Year-Old Guy Hasn’t Been To The Toilet In 2 Years!

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The story of 24 year old Ste Walker is really sad and tragic. It started in 2012, when he was determined to have Crohn’s infection, it changed his healthy life to a painful life. He looks like any healthy person. Every day is a challenge to him.

Ste Walker was determined to have Crohn’s Disease in 2012.

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Results of the illness.

In his battle against the disease, Ste has been operated for more than 80 times in two years, every time inflamed intestine was removed metre by metre.
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As a result of his restricted abilities, Ste holds a disability card.

The worst part of his story is that his sufferings reach out from simply being physical, to being social. Individuals continue passing judgment on him by his “healthy” looks and remark on him for utilizing a handicap card. Ste needs to legitimize consistently to these individuals, and this is really irritating.
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A latest post.

Ste has posted online photographs of him that show both sides – the one he experience each day, and the side that other individuals see. His long and emotional post depicting his day by day battle can be a lesson for all.

Source : This 24-Year-Old Guy Hasn’t Been To The Toilet In 2 Years! 

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