Sunday, May 26, 2024

Drug Dealer Gets Revenge On Shady Client In The Grossest Way

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#1 Drug Dealing Ain’t Easy

It’s an industry nearly completely bereft of trust, which means you should NEVER give spots or I-O-U’s.
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#2 But Where is THIS Going?

He turned from angry to titty in a matter of one text, so we know there has to be more than this to it.
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#3 That’s a Nice Pair of Pixellated Bo0bies

Sure, we could go without the pixelation, but nice b00bies are nice b0obies. And these are nice bo0bies.
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#4 When in Debt, Hide Your Sister

That is the only lesson to be learned here. Pay your debts or your sister becomes totally on-limits. This guy learned the hard way.
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