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Thanks To The Google Earth Technology Which Rescued Man Trapped On An Island For 9 Years.

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Technology has evolved a lot in the last decade. We can know contact anyone in the world and watch them in real life from any corner of the world. Technology has helped save enormous lives as well. This is a similar story where a person was rescued thanks to Google Earth. I am sure you are interested how this is even possible, but the story is completely real! Read on to know more.

1. How Adam got trapped

Can you imagine yourself stuck on an island all alone without anyone to rescue you? I surely can’t. Now imagine one has to stay like that for nine years. This real story begins with Adam Jones and two friends who left for Hawaii in 2006 from Liverpool while traversing the Panama Canal and the Atlantic Ocean. Initially, everything was fine, and they were within their schedule but gradually things took a turn for the worst.

They got trapped in a storm in the Pacific Ocean, which destroyed their electronic equipment which was essential for navigation. The boat was severely damaged as well. Two of his friends went overboard, while Adam remained unconscious for 17 days. He drifted through the ocean and finally landed on a deserted island.

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2. Initial Days

The first few days were extremely difficult. The water ration on Adam’s boats lasted him two weeks. Fortunately, he built a device to trap water at a rate of one drop per minute. He would save a lot of water during rainfall. He also built a shelter using the debris from his boat. He also cut trees, but that was tough. He had to spend 11 weeks to cut a tree using just a clam shell.

Finding food was harder than the above tasks. He had to hunt, but he didn’t have any equipment. He did find eight feral goats there, but without any equipment, it was tough. He built a simple bow and arrow, but that didn’t work so well due to the fragile nature of the construction. He found a trapped goat in some tree bushes, but of course, hunting them was not so easy for Adam. He didn’t have guns, knives or PA-10 rifles with him. It took him 15 minutes to kill the goat, but the result was he got almost 50 kgs of meat from it.

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3. Physically and mentally exhausting

Hunting takes a lot out of your body, both mentally and physically. According to Adam, he worked hard to keep himself fit. His daily routine consisted of pushups, chin ups on tree branches, and squats with heavy rocks.

He also used to run for 300 meters every day. However, he claims that the physical exhaustion was nothing in comparison to the mental torture he was going through.

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4. Finally getting rescued

As you can imagine, he was becoming crazy after staying on the island alone for such a long time. He was almost sure that he would never be rescued from that island, and that ultimately destroyed his mentality. However, he made one last try – he constructed a huge SOS sign almost 10 feet high. When that didn’t help, he built a bigger one, which was visible from the sky easily, hoping that a plane flying nearby would notice the sign and come to rescue him.

And his wish came true. He was shocked to hear the sound of a plane nearby one day. The aircraft’s crew noticed him and dropped him a packet containing fresh water, radio, food, and medical kit. He immediately turned on the radio. The plane’s pilot was on the other end. That was the first human voice he has heard after almost nine years. And when he asked how they came to know about him, the answer shocked him. The crew told him that he should thank a kid in Minnesota for his rescue since he first noticed his SOS sign on Google Earth and subsequently informed the authorities. Can you even imagine how far technology has evolved?

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. What do you think about the state of current day technology? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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