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See What Happens When You Type ‘Amen’ On A Facebook Post

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1I am sure you have often typed ‘Amen’ on Facebook posts. But did you know you are putting yourself at risk by doing so? Read on to find out more.

1. Why shouldn’t you post “Amen” on Facebook?

Anyone who has been on Facebook recently must have seen those posts showing a sick animal or child asking for likes or asking people to comment “Amen” so that they can contribute to the welfare of the society.

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2. But they are just trying to fool you!

Usually, these posts have a tagline such as “I know you won’t ’LIKE’ this photo because I’m sick,“ or ”Type ’AMEN’ to heal me.“
Think for a second. Is there any chance that you liking someone’s post can cure someone’s disease or typing “Amen” make their lives better?
You probably don’t think too much about this, and just do as requested. But that can be disastrous. Read on to know why.

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3. These posts are trying to manipulate you.

After liking their post, you start thinking that you have done something good for the society, but that’s not the truth.
The reality is completely different. You are assisting a spammer who makes money from this. These posts are specially made with various exploits so that people are lured into liking or commenting on them, and in turn, leads to a group of followers of that post.

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4. Why is this risky?

By liking or commenting on such posts, you are allowing the spammers to track your location, your address, date of birth, and in worst cases, even your email account details which might be used to hack your account.
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5. Advice

Hopefully, now you have understood why you shouldn’t post “Amen” or like these posts even though you feel emotional upon seeing them. You should remember that you can’t help them by doing such tasks, hence it’s best that you keep your personal life safe.
So stay alerted and don’t help these spammers earn money by stealing from your pockets.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can stay safe and alert from these kinds of posts as well.
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