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17 Embarrassing Things That Happened During A Wedding

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Weddings are very pious occasions and act as a turning point in one’s life The life of the person getting married absolutely metamorphosizes. Everything me becomes we. From a careless bachelor, you become a mature family person. It is the most important day for the person and he or she wants the ‘the day’ to be perfect, with no flaws or letdowns at all. But things don’t always go as planned. There is a fair kind of embarrassing moments which can take place during your marriage and ravage the most important day of your life. Read on the know these embarrassing moments, and prevent them from occurring at your marriage.

#1 He should marry his Ex

#2 Since they knew they were misleading each other.

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#3 Never disregard your mother’s instincts.

#4 So Sad!

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#5 The lady of the hour was too high to move.

#6 Absence of comprehension between the couple.

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#7 Something was wrong with the couple.

#8 Some folks can never show signs of change

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#9 Bride and groom didn’t talk to each other!

#10 The bride was pregnant!

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#11 flirty groom!

#12 Groom was in his own fantasy world!

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#13 oh! and then they must divorce later..

#14 She was more interested in best man.

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#15 Groom disappeared!

#16 Groom was drunk!

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#17 groom was least interested!

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