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Sweet Wedding Photo Shoot Turns Emotional With Pregnancy Announcement

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Getting to know that she is pregnant is probably one of the biggest and best moments of a woman’s life

And since every woman aspires to be a mother someday, she gets overwhelmed by the news that she’s pregnant and chooses to inform her family in some different, unusual way to double their excitement, whereas some find it impossible to hold in their stomachs and end up informing the whole world.

However, others wait a bit longer and plan a sweet surprise for their families and make it as grand as the news itself!

There are many awesome ways to which families have shared the big news: they’ve shared it on the social media, thrown parties and even arranged a scavenger hunt for the family to find the great news.

But when Brianne Dow, 24, got the big news, she didn’t immediately go to her husband Brandon to inform him but planned a surprise instead. She visited her wedding photographer Samantha Boos with an idea for their wedding which included the wedding tent hire gold coast services.

Dow told a sweet lie to her husband they won a free photo session, indicating what was going to come.


They put two chalkboards to use, for informing the daddy about the big news, while capturing the blissful moments on camera.

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Holding two chalkboards, along with the enormous secret, Boos asked the couple to pose for the camera in the park.

For photogenic reveal, Boos asked the couple to stand back-to-back. She then asked them to write three words about each other on the chalkboard which best describe the other.

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She first photographed them individually with the boards, and then asked them to turn towards each other and see what was written by the other one.

But what came as a surprise to the husband was that his wife had written the big news about her pregnancy on the chalkboard. He was pleasantly surprised to not see three words, but the great news.

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Boos told the Daily Mail that Brendon’s reaction was simply priceless. His shock turned into joyous tears and the couple embraced.

Of course, Boos captured all these sweet and blissful moments in her camera.

Though it was very hard for Dow to keep the huge secret, she now thinks it was very much worth.

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This photo shoot was really a fun activity, and turned out to be the first sweet memory as a family.

We are waiting to see more fun photos of these perfect couple

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