#1 He Is Always very Proud To Have You By his side

A keeper does not view you as his “secret side chick.” He is always proud of you and in front of everyone.

#2 He Wants To Show You Off

A keeper always shows you to his group of friends and also his family. That means he is damn serious.
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#3 He Pays For You

He always insists that he pays for you. You should never have to pay for dinner.

#4 He Doesn’t Do This At all

A keeper never grabs your ass openly in front of the public. He respects you very much.
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#5 He is very Sensitive

A keeper is not at all afraid to show his emotions in front of you. They are very sensitive.

#6 A Real Gentlemen

A keeper is always a real gentleman. He is always doing things like pulling your seat for you.
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#7 He Surprises You Always

A keeper is always full of surprises. He always likes to keep you on your toes.
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