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14 Internet Braggers Who Were Just Asking To Get Rinsed

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Most people who surf the Internet think that whatever you read on the Internet is completely true, after all who will lie on the Internet right? Well, there are exceptions, and this is even more common in social media sites, where people jump at every opportunity to brag about themselves.

Take a look at these top 14 Internet braggers who show you that how much information on the Internet is actually false.


1. Well, maybe if he used a bit of common sense, this wouldn’t have happened.

2. FML

3. Huge boobs also come with another issue – back pain.

4. *Sigh*


Did you think that’s all we have? Of course not! Move on to next page to check out more of these braggers.


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5. He is the Shakespeare of our generation.

6. This person can definitely brag, even if he is an idiot when it comes to prices

7. What an achievement!

8. The third comment was on point.


Some people have no concept when to stop bragging, do they? I can’t even think how others deal with these people in real life – just imagine how their dates must go. Read on to check out more such braggers.

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9. Sure, why not!

10. Seriously, please help find this guy a decent girl!

11. Well I am sure he had no idea about that when he sent the message.

12. This guy is definitely the best selfless person ever!

There is literally no doubt that these people are extremely stupid, but unfortunately they form the majority in our society. Read on to check out more such images of braggers trying their very best.

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13. Now being beautiful seems to be a headache as well.

14. Yeah sure, sounds 100% true, right?


In today’s world, a person’s image not only depends upon how he interacts with his friends and family, but also how he uses social media. Getting knowledge about a particular person is really easy nowadays, hence one needs to be careful about what they post on social media sites.
However, some people just don’t care, and they keep on bragging as you can see in the above pictures. These definitely hamper their career options along with their life down the line.

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