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Scary Things That Can Improve Your Love Life If You Try Them In Bed

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Well, until you make a try, how would you even know that you like something? Willy-nilly, every mortal gets that $exual feeling and to fulfill such wonderful desires there are actually a few things that you might feel a bit awkward in trying, but it may help you to improve your $ex life.

Here we have compiled such scary things; you just need to have a look!

1. If you love watching yourself and your partner in the mirror while having $ex..

While trying this one, just you need to make sure that you do not get distracted. Just put your phone on a Flight mode and record the video and then together watch it later.
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2. When your partner takes total controls in the bed.

You will really enjoy when you give your partner a bright chance to show his physical prowess on the bed. However, that does not mean that you have to keep your desires at bay.
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3. If you really enjoy watching $exy TV shows together.

Watching some X-rated movies and that too together will actually arouse your $exual feelings and well, of course, you will get $exy inspiration from such shows.
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4. If you love $exting very much.

If you are very far away from each other for a few days, or you are into a long distance relationship, then sending some dirty messages or even voice notes will keep you both on the edge of $ex seat.
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5. If you really love using a vibrator.

A huge number of men actually happen to believe that merely using $ex toys help in improving their $ex lives. Then just bring your favorite solo $ex toy, and the vibrat0r during $exual intercourse and enjoy.

Try these easy things in your bed with your partner and these will surely help you to improve your $ex life! 

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