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Kim Kardashian Devastated After Being Called A Bad Mom After She Did This To North West!

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Kim Kardashian Devastated After Being Called A Bad Mom After She Did This To North West!


Kim Kardashian is known to be actually devastated after some users on the social media called her a very bad mom. This 35-year-old mother of two children was with the older sister Kourtney Kardashian, aged 36 years when they had gone for a small family trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Art. When the group was hanging out outside, Kim’s 2-year-old daughter North West experienced a bad fall. The whole scene was captured on the camera by the fans and what just happened next sent all the fans crazy!


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When North actually fell down, it was just in front of Kim. However, she was so busy staring at her phone that she could even acknowledge her daughter’s fall. To top it all, the reality star even took a giant step backward to get out of the way of her daughter falling! This mom of three, Kourtney immediately picked up Nori and then helped her back onto her feet. Still, Kim did not even ask if she was okay or not! Now, we all know kids fall a lot now and then. Maybe Kim did not actually feel the need to react at that point on account of the fact that Kourtney was there with her, but the fact that she did not even look up from her phone and her taking a step back made the people vexed!

Sources claim that Kim is really very upset what people think. She would rather scroll through Instagram than have a glance at her own kid!

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A source nearby to the Kardashian’s says that Kim is actually devastated with the thought that people think that she neglected North. It also went on saying that she thinks the video was edited to appear worse than it actually was. The snitch even told us: “Kim is very sensitive when it comes to her kids and her skills as a mom; the video really makes it look worse than it was. She DID look up and saw Nori was okay and being taken care of by her sister, so she carried on doing what she was doing. Her whole business is online and being on her phone provides income and stability for her children. Having people accuse her of being a bad mom is devastating for Kim.”


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‘The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ star has been actually ridiculed ever since the video has been known to her fans who have started calling her “self-absorbed” and even “narcissistic.” Kim’s parenting skills were even a topic of the question earlier in this month when the Kimoji owner had shared a naked selfie on Instagram adding two black censor boxes to hide her assets. The mother of two children, who only gave birth to the son Saint about 3 months ago, captioned the picture: “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” Fans were quick to point out that she was a mother now and she should “act like one.”

Kim finally responded by tweeting another naked selfie with model Emily Ratajkowski.


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