Sunday, September 24, 2023

Most Disturbing Deaths During The Olympics

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The Olympics is the only time when the world comes together and whole heartedly celebrates athletics in a peaceful and civilized way.
But at times, quite, unfortunately, you will see that there is always politics and third world peasantry are getting in the way of much civilized as well as peaceful affairs.

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This particular video gives a glance at some of the most disturbing deaths that have ever taken place during the Olympic Games. And in this year we have only been plagued by the third world peasantry consequently affecting the lives of some of the workers in Rio De Janerio and the athletes themselves have been left alone.

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With a very rich history, the Olympic Games has surely some moments that stand out more than others. However quite, unfortunately, some of them are not happy ones. On one hand, while there have been great victories and world changing decisions made by the Rio organizers and participants of these particular events, there are also several tragedies. [adinserter block=”16″]


During the course of the years of the modern times Olympic Games, there has been scandals, several deaths, and even political issues. On the whole, there have been grossly 25 deaths since 1912, and 18 of them were athletes. The shocking historical events have left their imprints on the Olympic Games for good and bad.

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