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This is what the passenger planes of the future will look like

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Almost everyone traveling on a plane would always prefer to have their own seat and that too self-contained, with a little extra space to stretch out their legs comfortably. Luckily for almost all of us, the aircraft designers have started currently working on producing a much comfortable conditions for all types of travelers, especially for long distance ones.

1. A personal entertainment system

There have been a few airline companies that have actually become technology savvy because they have started their own in-built technologies like an entertainment system within the aircraft. You can even connect your device to them through the provided LAN network inside the aircraft.
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2. A help system in the flight

The Dutch company AirFi has equipped less costly airlines with a special wireless system that helps to upload passenger information directly to the device you have. It even offers you the chance to read the magazines in the flight, order delicious food items quite easily and also select movies to watch.
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3. Virtual Reality in place of the internet

A large number of passengers make use of Netflix or even Amazon to keep them entertained during a long flight journey. Quote a large number of airlines would like to compete with entertainment providers like these. But now there has been very little possibility to do so. Transavia, that is a budget airline run by Air France, and the Australian company Qantas are presently testing the virtual reality technology as a means to provide alternative entertainment to the passengers.
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4. Super comfortable seats along with VR Technology

Well, the most sought after technology is going to come soon. Qantas even wants to introduce a set of VR goggles that will allow you to relax more easily when enjoying this new level of relaxation and comfort.
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5. Movie theatre

The Italian company by the name of Aviointeriors is designing a different type of airline seats that will fold up when no one is sitting in them, just like those found in the movie theaters. For those people traveling in economy class, that will make moving around within the cabin much easier. Just watch a movie during the flight, and it will make you feel like you’ are actually at the cinema instead of in a plane.
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6. Individual cabins for sleeping

An innovative design made by the company Factory Design, known as ’Air Lair,’ is perhaps icing on the cake when we deal with airline technology. The company has planned to introduce individual sleeping ’cacoons’ in place of the seats. Passengers who are in first class will be easily able to relax quite comfortably in these cabins along with their own individual light as well as sound source and even temperature regulator therein. The special seats are so designed as to make better use of the interior of the cabin of the plane. But they require a considerable amount of investment. Thus only a few companies have thought of the plan.
However, it should not be long before a number of these superb innovations become easily available to all the passengers.

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