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Donate A test!cIe The Payout For This Is $35,000

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1. Sell Blood Plasma and earn $20 to $50

Sell the plasma of your blood and earn $20 to $50 on each donation: Human Plasma is basically a clear straw colored liquid that comprises mostly water but also contains proteins, enzymes, and antibodies. It is the largest and the vital component of the human blood. Plasma of the human blood is basically used to create therapies that treat people with autoimmune diseases, severe burn victims and also several clotting disorders. When the blood is being drawn from a person an automated machine easily separates the human plasma from the other various components of the blood. This is then returned to the donor. You can as well receive a payout approximately between $20 to $50 per plasma donation.

2. Donate your reproductive cells and get $5000-$10,000

2. Donate your reproductive cells and get $5000-$10,000 for eggs and $30-$200 for sperms: There are several egg donor agencies that allow women who have non-egg producing ovaries to become pregnant by using another woman’s eggs through IVF, that is, In Vitro Fertilization. In the United States, egg donors can even receive anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 per donation from the egg donor agencies. And men can also donate their sperm to the sperm donor banks with a far easier method although it is a bit less lucrative than an egg donation. Men can be paid anywhere from $30-$200 per sperm donation. But that can add up to more in the pocket because men can donate hundreds and hundreds of sperm samples.
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3. lay in bed for 70 days and earn $18,000

3. Just lay in bed for 70 days and you will be paid $18,000: NASA actually uses this procedure to simulate few changes that actually occur in the body of an astronaut when he is going through space and that too weightless, during the flight. NASA will definitely pay you to stay in bed for a stretch of 70 days, 24X7. But before that you need to make sure you are mentally prepared for that. You have to spend 70 days in bed and not everybody is comfortable with that. Many people can hardly tolerate an extended time in bed. But keep in mind that the payout for this one is $18,000!
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4. Donate your test!cIe for $35,000:

Donate your test!cIe for $35,000: Well, a Las Vegas man had figured out one of the ways to make some money just by signing up for the medical trials. He even saved himself more than $750. Well, that inspired him to take it one more step further. And guess what? Most recently he even agreed to donate one of his test!cIes. Can you believe that? However, they did not just leave him hanging. They even replaced it with an artificial one and what is more they paid him $35,000. It was also reported that he used the money for purchasing a Nissan 370 Z.
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5. Enroll in the psychological experiments and the payout varies:

5. Enroll in the psychological experiments and the payout varies: There are several paid psychological experiments that help to examine the behavior of the functioning of the brain. These are usually of lower risk and need shorter commitment time. Many research universities are there that offer quite easy sign up by keeping an online database of experiments readily available for the people.
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6. Of course all of these are legit… except of course donating a test!cIe.

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Always keep in mind that you should not believe everything that you read on the internet as there is a picture of it.
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