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Obey These 6 Rules When Giving OraI

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Here are some of the rules that you need to keep in mind while you are going g to give oraI to your partner. Follow these carefully and with much interest.

1. Do not Rush:

Nobody can even enjoy a bit if you are always on the rush. Well, in a bad way, it will make it harder if you are always looking out for a quick one. Rather you should always relax and give it slowly.

2. No application of pressure:

This is one vital point that is to be kept in mind. Do not let her apply any pressure.
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3. The technique:

You can m ix up the technique. These are the three types of techniques for giving oraI. And the last one is for all men out there.
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4. Feel some sex drive also:

When you are giving oraI, always make sure that you feel sexy also. One of the things that can actually ruin the vital moment is a sour stomach. Have some Pepto or even some Beano. Take a shower! Apply some cologne on..And always do something that is going to make the next moment special.
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5. Show some interest:

Above all, you need to be interested. Although you may not enjoy it, but please act as if you just love it. You can even take some ibuprofen if your neck really hurts. Please do not make it into a chore.
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6. Get lucky both ways:

Well, equality is the ultimate key. Either of you cannot have all the fun. It’s always both the ways.
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