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12 Bizarre Bathroom Designs Around The World

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Well, when you are inside a bathroom it can be quite a relaxing experience as you excrete the waste slowly but definitely. You feel quite relaxed and easy because of the tranquility that prevails inside the bathroom mainly when you go through your set of beautiful custom showers doors to take your morning bath.

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Do you have a bathroom with an awkward design. Check it out below.

1. A bathroom from which you can see the outside environment clearly.

Oh, please do not worry at all because the people who are outside cannot see what is happening inside the bathroom.

2. A deadly bathroom indeed.

Who would actually want to sit on a toilet that has such a large skull actually staring with its huge hollow eyes at you? To get a similar one installed at home, contact bathroom renovations dublin once you have the materials and they will help you install it.
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3. Bathroom with an interior aquarium.

Well, I guess the fish do not actually want to have a look at you doing your thing. They might actually believe that the waste that is being flushed down actually goes into the water they swim in.

4. An awkward bathroom.

Well, here, you can actually feel like a titan and even imagine that a huge lot of people are watching you from outside of their apartments.
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5. Made for the lovers.

Well anyone can easily understand the actual romantic goal of this particular design. But the question is, will two people really want to sit down on this toilet that is so close to each other?

6. Do not look down if you don’t want to get scared.

Well, if you really want to urinate faster and faster, then obviously you might want to have this installed in your bathroom.
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7. Where is the privacy?

Well, if you and your besties are so comfortable with each other, that perhaps both of you could have this unique bathroom design.

8. The lonely toilet.

When others are urinating, you are actually alone on the toilet seat trying hard to mind your own business. But it feels a way too disgusting.
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9. The doors have no use

People may not see your face but will surely see the lower half of you form outside.

10. You can as well have a chat with the other person

This toilet aims to make urinating a social habit that can be done with others.
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11. Extremely close

This design is so close that it may not seem at all comfortable

12. The last but not the least

Well the last one is way too strange.
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