Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bindi Erwin Honours Her Dad for Her 18th Birthday!

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1. Like Father

Almost 10 years have passed since the tragic death of Steve Irwin. His daughter, Bindi Irwin, his daughter, has decided to share some lovely photos to honour her father for her 18th birthday.

2. Past

In the picture below, you will find Bindi when she was a baby with her father. But her life changed drastically afterwards when she had a brother, and then the Australian Zoo expanded and finally her father died. She said, “One thing that still remains in my life unchanged and is unbreakable is the love I share with my family and the loyalty we have for each other along with everyone else who has been involved in this journey with us.”
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3. Present

“I have just turned 18 and I have a lot waiting for me in the future, so I can’t really predict anything about my life at the moment. But I do know that I will try my best to make a difference at every opportunity I am provided.” She finally concludes by saying, “Life is constantly changing, and I hope I will be able to find my passion at every step and share my story with everyone who is close to me”.
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4. More Images


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