Sunday, April 21, 2024

11 Hilariously Misguided ‘Life Hacks’ You Most Definitely Should Ignore!

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#1 Curash In The Mouth?

What does this person have inside his or her mouth?

#2 Ummm? Maybe not…

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#3 When nail art goes too far.

#4 Good luck with that.

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#5 Uhm what the snack hell is this?

#6 Toothpaste as an “after dinner mint” means you are too poor to be hosting an evening.

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#7 Gun in a Nike slipper. Welcome to America.

#8 It’s a shame that his last post was of an electrical socket.

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#9 Let’s hope that it got a thorough cleaning beforehand.

#10 When sleep is more important than breathing to you.

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#11 For those that really can’t be without their phone, ever!

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