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CRIME ALERT: How Car Stickers Could Put Your Family in Danger

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Bumper Stickers have always been a fun at all period of times mainly for the opportunity it offers for personalization. People have always found Bumper Stickers an easy way to express themselves. Many of us avoid expressing our political views and beliefs through Bumper Stickers not to meddle with others who are of a different view. But we freely express our personal beliefs and information in a fun filled manner without understanding the higher degree of danger to be encountered in doing so.


Such fun filled stickers are most related to our families and relationships expressing too many things directly to unwanted people. People responsible for enforcing Law say such Bumper Stickers customized as “My world” where family size and interests are expressed, act as one of the main source of information to the criminals. They not only show the criminals who you are, what is your family size etc. but they also inform the criminals silently about your whereabouts. Such criminals are dealt with by criminal justice attorneys from Parsippany-Troy Hills
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For instance, if you have stuck a Bumper Sticker in your car that shows the head of the family in an Army uniform, a criminal can easily decipher that the man is away from home serving the Army and so the family is alone here. If your Bumper Sticker shows your boy in a cricket costume, the criminal will get an idea that he may be away for cricket coaching in the afternoons. [adinserter block=”16″]


If your Bumper Sticker shows your daughter as a college student, the criminal knows that following the daughter can get him many details like the college she is studying in, your house etc.
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It is, of course, sad to think about all such criminal possibilities while buying simple stickers that give a lot of fun. However, one must not ignore the devastation it may create in one’s life. To avoid inviting any perils voluntarily, it would be better if such Bumper Stickers are avoided. If at all such Bumper Stickers have to be used compulsorily, because you like them, use generic ones that would not give away any personal information to a criminal or Burglar. [adinserter block=”16″]


The same way, do not provide too much information on the Social Media too since there may be criminals out there waiting for such information. By the way, do you have any Bumper stickers stuck on your car?
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