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6 Logical Reasons For Women To Sleep Na.ked Every Night

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You probably think that we are crazy. After all, who wants to sleep naked every night? And what benefits can we possibly get? Well, you will be provided with top 6 reasons in this article as to why women should sleep naked in their bed every night.

To prove the points are factually correct, we need to bring some scientific explanations in this article, because here we aren’t just randomly claiming the facts, we will be proving them.

1. You’ll Sleep Better

The first point is regarding your health.

As we go into deep sleep, our body temperature reduces by a few degrees. This is entirely normal, and is considered to a part of our “Circadian Rhythm.” That term means the standard sleeping pattern of human beings.

So that means our body temperatures should decrease during sleep.

However, when you are wrapped in clothes in bed, this drop in temperature is hard to achieve. Just think about those nights which were the coldest and compare them to the warmest nights. Which were more comfortable? Of course, the coldest ones were because no one enjoys sleeping in a sweaty bed.[adinserter block=”16″]

2. You’ll Ventilate Your vag!na

You are probably thinking that we probably shouldn’t be talking about this, but this is vital. The thing is a woman’s vag!na is usually associated to that of a tropical rainforest among medical people.

vag!nas are susceptible to various infections since they are warm and moist and thus act as the perfect spot for various harmful species of bacteria.

That is why, it is crucial to allow some clean fresh air in between your legs, which isn’t going to happen when you wear clothes all day and night long. It isn’t good for your health, according to Jennifer Landa, MD who has mentioned this in her famous book, The $ex Drive Solution for Women.

By sleeping naked, you are automatically enabling an automatic form of cleaning in the vag!na to maintain it in its proper state.

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3. You’ll Feel More Attractive

You probably think that this only applies to women who have a partner, but no that’s not the case. This is relevant to everyone.

The fact is that when you go to your bed naked you automatically feel $exy which is excellent. You will feel more comfortable, and you will find that your mornings feel $exier as well. If you have a partner, then he or she will also feel more attracted towards you. You will find that he or she gets more turned on since everyone loves a partner who is comfortable with their bodies.

You will become confident whenever you go outside. By the way, just remember to wear something fast instead of going naked to the lawn to pick up the newspaper!

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4. You Will Burn More Fat

I know that you probably think that this cannot be true, but you are wrong because it has been proven scientifically that sleeping naked reduces your cholesterol and also reduces excessive fat mostly around the tummy area.

In case you don’t want to sleep naked is because you are fat and are conscious about that, this should convince you to sleep naked from now on.

We aren’t going to explain how this happens, but recently the Huffington Post published an article where it was explained how sleeping naked boosts hormones every night, stabilizing your cortisol levels.

These help you in retaining your energy even when you are on a diet. If these hormones are not balanced, you will feel much more hungry next morning. So, this could make the difference between whether you can continue to follow your diet for a month or not.

This probably sounds weird, but it is true. Try it out, and pay more attention to the amount of food you are eating in the morning. You will notice the difference yourself.

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5. More $ex

For people who aren’t dating anyone at the moment, or aren’t interested in hook-ups, you could skip this part.

The reason why sleeping naked results in more $ex is rather common sense, and we even brushed up on the facts in the points above when we said that you feel $exier sleeping nude.

Now when you are sleeping naked with a partner, it’s common that you will have more $ex. Rubbing your naked body against your partner’s is bound to turn you both on sometimes, resulting in a better intimate life.

Health benefits are involved as well. Oxytocin is released during $ex, which is perfect for getting rid of stress and depression.

According to Dr. Landa, sleeping naked results in more $ex leading to happier relationships.
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6. You Will Get To Sleep In

Did you ever think about this? No, I am not talking about calling into work sick for no reasons. What I am trying to say is since you will feel a lot fresher than usual you will be able to do all the tasks in the morning much faster, so you have more time to sleep.

When you are sleeping nude, you will sweat less, which also means you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the shower.

Just think for a moment – which one would you prefer –a long shower at night and sleeping in late, or getting up ten minutes early in the morning so that you can take a long shower to clear up the sweaty mess of the previous night.

Now you might think that this is absurd – after all the morning shower should be the most important thing in the morning. But I would suggest that you try this for a week – trust me, after that you wouldn’t want to change this routine at all!

So finally, let’s sum it all up – sleeping naked helps you sleep better, keeps the vag!na free from germs, reduces fat, helps in more $ex, and you get more time to sleep. Now, if this doesn’t convince you to sleep naked in bed every night, I am not sure if anything else will

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