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Boxer destroys thug who threw a lit cigarette at his Girlfriend.

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What would you do if something like this happened to your girlfriend? Some people might not care, but this boxer wasn’t a coward, and taught that guy a well-deserved lesson.

3. Over-smart Fellows

Nowadays, being cool literally means people being over-smart, making a complete fool of themselves. Here, you will see a guy doing something similar, as he was enjoying a cigarette with his friend.

2.The Guy Deserved This

This guy threw the cigarette on a girl, which was still half-lit. The girl was with her boyfriend, and the guys had no idea what was going to happen to them next.
The boyfriend taught these two guys the perfect lesson. Check the video below to watch it in action!

1. Lesson taught

That boyfriend was actually a boxer. He took the perfect revenge on these guys for what they did to his girlfriend, and completely knocked him down, after which he remained numb on the floor for quite some time.



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