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Vicious Thugs Start Stabbing A Little Girl. Now Keep Your Eye On The Cow

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We know that animals aren’t as intelligent as human beings and they can’t speak or understand our language. However, they too have emotions and they can detect when others, even human beings, are in danger. In this case, a cow finds a little girl is in trouble as two thugs attempt to stab the little girl. See what the cow does next.

1. The Incident

If you respect animals, then you won’t find a better friend than them. They are excellent at sensing emotions and can easily analyse the situation and understand if you are happy, sad, scared or in danger.

This story took place inGwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Seema Gujjar escaped from her home to marry her lover, a 22 year old man, which filled her family members with hatred towards her. They wouldn’t stop at anything to disrupt this marriage, and that is why her father and uncle somehow traced her location and went to that location to stop her.

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2. Cow Intervenes

Seema, who hid in a women’s shelter for the night, was found by her father and uncle soon. They attempted to stab her as a form of punishment.

A cow was present nearby and witnessed that Seema was in danger. The cow immediately pounced upon them to stop them from stabbing her and saved her.

The entire incident was captured on camera. You can see the entire incident in the video below.
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3. Video

Check out the video below to witness how this courageous cow saved the day by rescuing the girl from getting killed at the hands of her family members.


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