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Mom’s Heartbroken When No One Attends Her 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party. Then This Happens

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How would you feel if you invited all your friends and none of them showed up at your birthday party? You would be devastated right? A similar incident happened to a young kid, but then something surprising happened. Read on to know more.

1. Happy birthday!

Taenon just became 4 years old, so to celebrate his birthday, his mom, Rachelle Briannan decided to arrange a party.

2. Everyone cancelled

She was devastated and made a post in Australian Moms Facebook group Midnight Mums, asking them if they could suggest her any solution to make her son happy.

3. Birthday wishes

All the moms who were present in that group and saw that post wished Taenon a very happy birthday. Her newsfeed was literally filled with birthday wishes to her son. Moreover, 30 kids came to McDonalds to celebrate his birthday.

4. Coming together

This was not the end! Taenon received a lot of gifts as well as baloons. Nillumbuk SES even let them play on their firetruck. This shows that even in this world of hatred and jealousy, kindness is still present.

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