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27-Year-Old Pregnant Mom Couldn’t Raise Her Baby Because Of Something We All Do

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Almost everyone loves tanning beds, but these can be dangerous as well. Louise Cooke had to learn this the hard way. Her story is a painful reminder how risky it is to spend excessive time in tanning beds. Check out the complete tragic story of Louise below.

1. Divorce and Bad stage of life

Louise got divorced from her first husband when she was only 23 years old. She has 2 children, and the divorce left her devoid of any confidence. She needed something to boost her personality and self-confidence. She has always been pale, so she started tanning. She used to receive lots of compliments from her friends and relatives about her perfect tan, which began to gradually boost her confidence. In fact, she used to go to sunbeds for almost three days every week.



2. Life is getting better

She met Martyn, whom she married later. She stopped tanning after her marriage. The couple were overjoyed when they came to know 5 months later that she was pregnant. However, after being pregnant for a month, she notice a mole on her back. It was bleeding and would cause itching. Her mother advised her to consult a doctor, so she listened to her. The doctor tested the mole, and that is when she came to know that the mole was actually due to cancer.

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3. Lump in her neck.

After six weeks, another lump appeared in her neck. Upon testing, the doctors found out that she was suffering from stage 4 cancer, for which there is no cure. This was heartbreaking news for both Martyn and Louise.




4. Still got married..

They still got married after 4 months. Louise named her newly born daughter, Chloe. She was extremely sad that even though her other two children will still remember her, Chloe was still too small to remember her when she grows up.

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5. Tanning too much is really dangerous.

Louise died about a month ago. Her story is a reminder that appearance is never more important than one’s health and how devastating tanning can be if it isn’t done with regulations.

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