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18 People Who Redefined The Term ‘Fashion Disaster’

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1. Did his pants fall off or was he wearing them like that already?

2. Why was he even allowed to come out in public like that?

3. Although, roller blades are kinda awesome, but on an airport?

4. Wow. Really?

5. What are those?!

6. Suicide Bomber ?? Hasn’t the US government tried to catch you yet?

7. And that’s a jacket made from barbie doll heads.

8. That’s a man!

9. Just too cool for pants.

10. That literally hurt my eyes!

11. I have no words.

12. It would be so hard to control laughter if I ever saw somebody wearing THAT on a bus ride with me.

13. He should be so glad that his baby is not old enough to understand what a fashion disaster his father is!

14. Sexy. Very sexy. Also very weird.

15. And she took eyebrows to a whole new level.

16. Whoa! How are you pulling that off?

17. Seriously?!

18. That’s one macho hardcore biker right there, folks!

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