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Boy Gets Revenge On Sister By Posting Her ‘Hook Up’ List On Facebook

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So this one man got grounded since his sister ratted him out for putting away a 12 pack of beer in their home. He was irate with his sister as well as chose to get back by uploading her ‘hook up’ list on Facebook in public. He snooped into his sister’s room one time and acquired the rundown so hopefully he could utilize it against her in a superb trick!

He posted the picture and began getting comments on it very quickly!

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He gazed off with this post just to pick up everybody’s attention for his future “venture”

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That is the list and OMG this is really embarrassing !

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See the comments

You gotta check out that some of the men she hooked up with actually commented on the uploads.[adinserter block=”16″]

Comments continues..

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