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7 Must Have Gadgets for a Traveller

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Travel gadgets can greatly facilitate your life, no matter where you are going or what you are traveling by. Some gadgets are absolutely necessary, and we are using them without even realizing. Other ones will go as a precautionary measure, but if you face such a situation, they will worth a fortune.
We have studied thousands of latest accessories and have compiled a list of top 7 gadgets that will help you along the way. Our goal is to help you get ready for your next trip. If you need additional help on what to pack, make sure to check out the ultimate camping checklist here

Beurer Luggage Scales

You must have experienced the painful moment of doubt when you are to put the suitcase on the scales at the check-in before the flight. The bag seemed easier when you started the trip, didn’t it? The last thing you want to do now makes an exorbitant fee for overweight or open the suitcase and put on extra clothes in a hurry. The baggage scale is an easy solution to your problem. When traveling with beautiful girls, it often happens that your suitcase becomes twice bigger because of souvenirs.
This gadget may seem boring, but it’s incredibly useful. Weigh the bag before heading to the airport once and shift the extra things immediately. It will save you time and money. Besides, you will avoid the embarrassment at the airport.

Trtl Pillow

There are thousands of various pillows for travelers. The overwhelming majority is simply awful. The rest are either strange, or too bulky to travel with them. Trtl Pillow, fortunately, does not belong to the above mentioned categories. It is quite cute, comfortable and less than a centimeter thin when you fold it up. It was proven that it the Trtl pillow is much more comfortable and healthy for the neck than U-shaped pillows.

Trakdot Tracker for Luggage

Do you imagine being on one continent, while you luggage is on the other one? This is a typical problem among travelers. Sometimes the return trip of your baggage takes about one day, but sometimes it stretches for weeks.
Trakdot will not help you find your bags faster, but it will 100% let you know its location. It is based on the recently patented microelectronics and ground-based cellular technologies that track and report their location, even from inside metal containers.

Kingii Emergency bracelet

Another gadget is a real lifeguard. In general, it will work for anyone who is able to pull the handle. Kingii is a portable inflatable device that comfortably fits on your wrist. If you get into trouble when surfing, swimming, sailing and doing any other activities on the water, just pull the handle.
A replaceable cylinder of carbon dioxide will instantly fill a bright, noticeable balloon with air. The balloon is able to keep an adult person afloat for up to 48 hours.
Skross Multi-adapter for travel

How many times have you taken the wrong adapter? Considering the number of adapters variations around the world, the problem becomes urgent. Fortunately, you can buy a multi-adapter that will save your day in 150 countries. It even comes with an extra dual USB charger for all of your phones, tablets and cameras.


Probably, this is not the most useful thing for fans of comfortable hotels and luxury accommodations. However, if you go to the wild, LifeStraw can literally save your life.
This device destroys 99.9999% of bacteria living in water, including E. coli and 99.9% of malignant protozoa, for example, lamblia and cryptosporidium. It instantly turns almost any water into a clean drinking water. One straw is enough for 1000 liters. So, for most camping trips one LifeStraw is enough.

EasyAcc Power Bank

This small portable charger is powerful enough to charge your iPhone twice without loosing battery. This gadget is indispensable if you go camping, where electricity is a rare visitor.

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