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Dating Can Be Very Complicated (10 Photo Comics)

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Dating can be the most complicated thing in life

#1 The Truth About Dating


We are on devices almost ALL the time now. . . Do you think in the future we will simply just conduct our love relationships mostly through our devices? well, never mind about procreation?

#2 The Little Things


Getting the first “little dig” from your lover is when you realize, your relationship has sadly gone past the “honeymoon phase.”

#3 Non-Traditional Marriage


Makes sense, but do you think it would be a bit more accurate to exchange that “suitcase” for devices or computers?

#4 The Pick-Up Artist


This is one good reason some of the most talented gals do not even bother going out to bars. . . Chances of meeting “this” guy and his posse is high.

#5 The Imposter


If this is poking fun at blind people? . Sorry, but it is what makes us sad.. ;(

#6 Asking Someone On A Date.


The “What You Say” part is right before dating, and the “What You’re Saying” comes six months later..

#7 In Another Context


Isn’t it odd when you fancy someone in a particular environment, like in school, BUT then you see him/her out partying. . . Do you ever really feel ridiculously shallow by wondering “why are they so short . . . Or fat”? The sad thing is, they actually might be thinking the same of you.

#8 First Date Disaster


We ALL love an honest person like Popeye, BUT hearing “this” on the first date can make anyone’s heart sink. . . A little.

#9 Don’t Say This On The 1st Date


The “Love” word is super scary and confusing in the first place, BUT when said on the first date, it is as bad as sticking your foot in your mouth.

#10 Social Media & Love Relationships


The downside to Social Media is dating!  It actually feels better when your status goes from “single” to “in a relationship”, BUT “in a relationship” to “single”. . . Ugh!

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