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Wife Calls Hubby From Ellen DeGeneres Show Live On TV As A Prank… And His Mistress Picks Up The…

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Can you imagine what goes through a person’s mind when he or she finds that their partner has been cheating on them? Now just imagine that same scenario infront of the whole world on television. This happened on one episode of Ellen, and needless to say, the audience was speechless after this incident.


Leah Remini, King of Queens actress, was asked by Ellen Degeneres to come to her show in a holiday segment for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. And that is when they decided to play a prank on Leah’s husband who was on a business trip at that time. And a huge surprise awaited her after the phone call.


Ellen used a fake accent to call her husband’s hotel room, and then asked for her husband whose name is Angelo Pagan. The call is forwarded, but instead of her husband, the phone is answered by a woman, and Ellen was really surprised by this. At this point, Leah took the phone and wanted to know who was on the other side answering.
The woman responded that her name was Tiffany and she was Angelo’s husband. She asked who was calling, and Leah said that she was his wife. Things took an awkward turn, and Ellen decided to hang up. At that point, one could hear the other woman speaking to someone and asking if he was married.
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The music cue sounded soon after this incident, and it was later seen both Ellen and Leah were smiling. How could someone smile after hearing such a devastating news? Well, that’s because this incident took place during Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways and there was a surprise waiting for the audience.
The truth is that the entire phone call was made up, and it was simply made to fool the audience. So Ellen and Leah carried this out to prank the audience.


After the episode aired, Leah posted on Twitter that the entire event was made up and it was not true. Her tweet said, “It was just a joke. Me and @apangelo are good!”

Let us know what you think about the video. Did you fall for the prank? Well, I surely did!


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