Saturday, June 22, 2024

15 Hilarious Letters Of Resignation That Show You How It’s Done (Sometimes)

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Usually we consider resignation as a formal procedure. But some people consider it as a way to show their creativity or their hate towards their boss. Check out some of them

Ending work on a sweet note

More cakes, but this time it’s following dreams.

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A resignation letter or a gift?

When your reasons come from the heart…or a few inches below.

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To those bosses who don’t get a hint.

You don’t want to piss off the gardener.

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When not being punctual pisses the employee off, not the boss.

Hacking your boss’ system, like a boss.

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Leaving honest feedback.

Criticising your bosses criticism.

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The real drama that happens at the theater.

What’s on the menu today?

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Cup cakes for everyone!

When you’re moving to the World of Warcraft.

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