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Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen

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Potatoes are one of those vegetables that are liked by a majority of the people across the world. The variety of dishes that are prepared using Potatoes makes good choice of food over others. There are still many who do not eat food without having potatoes as side dishes.

We are sure it would be hard for you to believe if we say that potatoes can be deadly. Yes. Potatoes have killed a whole family making an 8-year-old girl an orphan. If you have rot potatoes at home, throw them away immediately so you can save yourself and your family

1. The story in a gist

Maria Chelysheva is an 8-year-old girl living in Russia. She was living happily with her loving family which consisted of her Father, Mother, Brother and Grandmother. She had all of them in her life till 2014. It was during the fateful year that she lost her entire family all of a sudden. While one would imagine accident for the reason, it would be shocking to know that Maria lost her family to a bunch of Potatoes.

2. Potatoes in the Cellar

It was a normal day and things were happening as per the normal routine. Maria’s father went into the basement to fetch some Potatoes for her mother to cook. It was quite a long wait for Maria’s mother since she was waiting for her father to bring the potatoes from the basement. She went in search of her father to the basement

3. The list continues….

Maria’s brother who came in search of her Mother could not find her in the kitchen and searched all around the house. He went inside the basement. The grandmother who saw the child enter the basement didn’t see him coming out. She went out and called one of her neighbors for help. Before help could come, her anxiety made her enter the basement. Like all the others she never came out. Maria too went into the basement, but unlike others who died inside the basement, she is still alive.

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4. What really happened?

Maria’s family had stored some potatoes for cooking in their basement. The potatoes had been there for quite some time and so had perished. By nature, potatoes contain a chemical named Glycoalkaloids which is also found in night shade plants that are highly poisonous. Potatoes are considered to be highly toxic owing to the presence of this chemical in the same. The poisonous nature of this chemical in Potato affects human being even when inhaled leave alone eating. Maria’s complete family inhaled this poisonous gas that had mixed with the air and died in the basement. Thanks to Maria’s mother who had left the basement door fully opened, Maria escaped death despite going into the room.

5. Beware of rot potatoes

Rot potatoes are life threatening. The more the potatoes rot, the more concentrated Glycoalkaloids level goes up in them. When the Glycoalkaloids levels raise in Potatoes, they start emitting a gas that is toxic in nature. Inhaling this toxic gas causes death and this is what happened t Maria’s family.

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