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They Find A Girl With Scaly Skin Living In A Shed, Then A Simple Tub Of Vaseline Transforms Her

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They Find A Girl With Scaly Skin Living In A Shed, Then A Simple Tub Of Vaseline Transforms Her


In a number of developing countries as well as countries with very low income, there is a general stigma attached to the people who now live with a number of disabilities. It can also be difficult for those with special needs in order to get the medical attention and even social acceptance they really need to function well in the society.
Such was the case of a little girl hailing from Nepal by the name of Nagina, who was actually born with a rare and severe condition that made the entire upper layer of her very thick and scaly.
In an article for MailOnline, a writer by the name of Anna Hodgekiss flew to Nepal to document Nagina, ultimately making this amazing story go viral worldwide.
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This article properly explains how the parents of the girl did not have the correct tools, and even financial support, to deal with the heartbreaking condition of their daughter.
When the medical workers had finally found and subsequently rescued Nagina, she was merely living in a shed in one of the rural parts of the country. She was too much emotionally depressed and broken to such a point that she never smiled nor did she speak.
However, these days, things are a way too different for Nagina, now aged 13 and all of it just because of one simple tub of the Vaseline
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Nagina was actually born with a very rare condition that made her skin very thick and scaly just like a reptile. Her parents had actually no idea how to manage this severe condition of hers, so Nagina spent years in depression and agony.
When medical workers found and rescued Nagina, she was just living inside a shed in a rural area in Nepal.
When Nagina arrived at the Hospital & Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children, she could barely walk or even move.
At this hospital, doctors soon diagnosed Nagina with ichthyosis, a rare and severe skin disorder that causes dry, scaly and cracked skin. There is almost no known cure for ichthyosis, and the lack of treatment actually caused this poor little girl to completely seize up.
Direct Relief, an international charity, heard this story of Nagina and immediately decided to contact the folks at Vaseline for direct help, to which they obviously obliged.
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According to this company, Vaseline Jelly actually works by creating a sealing and protective barrier between the cells in dry or even completely damaged skin that helps to lock in good amount of moisture and hence it speeds up the natural recovery process of the damaged skin , helping it to heal from within.
With a whole brand new shipment of Vaseline at their disposal, the nurses began to treat Nagina’s skin by actually wrapping her body in gauge soaked completely in Vaseline.
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Every day, the nurses bathed Nagina carefgully and changed all her bandages.
Day after day, Nagina’s skin was seen to be improving.
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Dr. Bibek Banskota, the medical director who was in charge of her treatment, told Anna Hodgekiss in Nepal for MailOnline. “The difference something as simple as Vaseline has made to her life is incredible.”
For the very first time ever, Nagina was seen smiling.
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She even participated in physiotherapy to help her mobilize with a brand new wheelchair, and she also met other children with a number of disabilities.
Today on this very day, Nagina is just 13 years old. She has since been discharged from the hospital and right now she is attending a school for children with disabilities, which is actually funded by the Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre For Disabled Children.
Nagina has not only transformed on the outside, but also on the inside. Her superiors and teachers describe her as being an incredibly bright student.
She has also been given a free supply of Vaseline for her entire lifetime.
All thanks to Nagina’s dedicated team of medical providers, she can presently live a normal and happy life. Please do SHARE her beautiful story with your friends!!
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