Sunday, May 26, 2024

Woman Destroys Dude Who Thought Being A Jerk Would Help Him Get Laid

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#1 Simple Conversation as you would call it

A comedian by the name of Kat Havoc had a nice conversation with a guy on a social media app, and he actually tried to start off the chat with an insult.

#2 You are really Ugly!

He thought initially this would really catch her attention, and he did it!
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#3 You Know it

So she replied with a lengthy and EPIC message…

#4 Regular Joe he is

She continued going really SAVAGE on the guy
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#5 Enter The Corny and kinky Pick Up Lines

The cheater then tried to get on her good side as well

#6 Pain and no gain

The kinky chat soon began and she had him sucked in properly
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#7 Ultimate Burn he gets!

Well sorry; you are not actually in her tax bracket man!
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